Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Me time

I did something today that I don't remember when I last did it. I took an entire day to work on projects that are going to be mine.

When I say mine these are items that I have wanted to make for myself and normally I put everyone else way ahead of me. Today thanks to my DH, I was able to spend my entire day working on things for me and not for others. Yes I take time to work on projects for me sometimes but it's an hour here and an hour there if I really try.

The results for today are I have almost finished two mobious scarves. Yes two of them, as one I need to knit two inches on and the other only have 9 inches left before I complete it. You might ask why I didn't finish one before starting the other but at 2:45 this afternoon I decided that I wanted to work on something different and didn't it mean measuring every few rows. I also wanted to spend some time just knitting while watching tv so that is what I did.

Taking today to myself felt so good but have to admit there were times that I looked around and saw other projects that I figured I could work on. All of these other projects are for other people so with a great deal of determination I didn't work on them and feel good.

I know that I can't always take an entire day to myself but I did realize today that sometimes I need to pick up a project for me and work on it without feeling like I should be doing something for someone else.

Remember time for yourself helps in a lot of ways as it gives you time to realize that you are important as well not just everyone else.

Note to self: me time needs to be scheduled and unless an emergency happens you don't reschedule.

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Heather said...

Yay! Good for you!