Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sometimes Life Gets In The Way

I think the title of this post explains a lot of things. Life in general sometimes just gets too busy and that means that crafting is put on hold for a little bit.

I am trying to continue to work on my crafts as much as possible but some days I just don't have the time or energy to put up any of my crafts. I do have a cross-stitch that I need/want to get finished by the end of July so I better get busy working on it. There is no real deadline for it other than what I say but it shouldn't take too long to do.

I have started putting together some lapghans and now have a request for 5 more so am going to be busy getting all of these done and sent off to the various projects. I hope that once I get started on these lapghans they will all go quickly.

Now to say that I have lots of things on the go is an understatement. I do need to try and focus on getting a few things completed so that my list of unfinished projects (UFO's) doesn't grow any more.

Last week I did accomplish something and that was to figure out how long it takes me to crochet a small baby blanket (12"x16"). I had never sat down and worked on one from start to finish and it is normally something I take with me and work on a bit at a time. Well last week thanks to an appointment I was able to sit and crochet and found out that I can complete one small baby blanket in 3 hours. My crocheting also meant a lot of discussions around me as people tried to figure out what I was doing. Finally someone asked about my project so I explained it to this lady and a lot of other people of course were listening.

I am enjoying finally sitting out in public and doing my crocheting or knitting. I have knit and crocheted for over 30 years but finally love to let other people see what I do.

Off to try and crochet for a little bit before another busy day.

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