Saturday, May 22, 2010

Little progress

I have to admit that I haven't been getting a lot of time to craft lately and it has been showing. I have finished another biscornu (no picture yet) and have been working on some small baby blankets.

Today I went and picked up some linen so that I can work on a 25th anniversary piece for some friends that are celebrating their anniversary this summer. Now I just need to sit down and actually start working on it so that I can get it done in time.

Tonight I have spent the evening crocheting and working on some small baby blankets that will be sent to Sick Kids Hospital. These blankets are used to keep babies warm after they have had surgery so they are only 12"x17" and quick for me to make. I am hoping to be able to finish one or two more this weekend but will see what I actually accomplish.

I am still working on items for the soldiers as I would like to have lots of items to drop off in August. I am currently working on some slippers and want to make some cool ties and even some hats before August but will see what I actually accomplish.

I know that I haven't posted any pictures lately of my cross-stitch progress as I haven't worked on it lately. Also what I have done looks really boring as I have been working on the border instead of the border and motifs. I hope to be able to get back to working on my bell pull soon so that I can get it finished. My goal is to have it completed by a retreat next April so that I can show it at the project parade.

Well off to try and finish one blanket tonight and then see what the rest of the weekend has in store.

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