Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year and new goals

Another year has just started and I have decided that I am going to write down some of the things that I would like to accomplish this year.  These goals are only my craft goals as I also have other goals to accomplish as well.

My goals:
1. Complete 180 items
2. Make three things for myself
3. Design a needle case to go with my name tag from last year
4. Compete at Markham Fair in 10 categories with one outside my comfort zone
5. Get my yarn stash under control (under 300 pounds)
6. Design my name tag for retreat

I want to complete 180 items this year as in 2010 I set a goal of 120 items and actually finished 237 items but a lot of those where small projects.

Hope everyone had a wonderful New Years Eve and all the best in 2011.

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