Saturday, January 15, 2011

Back to stitching

I haven't had a lot of chances to pick up my cross-stitching in the last little while so this afternoon decided that it was time to do a bit.  Earlier this week I had done some of the outlines for the 15-sided biscornu so today I was able to stitch the first two squares.  Now I have to wait until the next square is posted next weekend.

Here is what it looked like prior to today.
outline of 3.5 squares completed

Now I sat this afternoon and worked on the two squares and here are the two completed squares.
Squares 1 & 2

This 15 sided biscornu is being posted at so I am looking forward to seeing what my biscornu will look like once it's all completed.  I have never done a 15 sided biscornu so figure it is something to try and it's also for me.

Now to see what I work on for the rest of today.

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Kathrin said...

Looking good. I love your colour choice.