Friday, January 21, 2011

Some progress

This week I haven't picked up any needles or hooks very often so don't have a lot to show for this week.

I do have one item that I can show and that is the 3rd side of the 15 sided biscornu that I have been one.  With it being published one pattern a week it means that I have a chance to keep up with it.

This one was posted tonight so I immediately sat down and finished it.  Also my husband was teasing me that if I didn't finish it I couldn't go shopping tomorrow.  The best part of this project is that the entire square is only 20 stitches wide so it's quick to do.

I hope that this weekend I will have at least one project to show as it is just about finished and I hope that I can sit and finish it.  I need to sew it together and then it's finished and I will then take a picture of it.

Lots and lots of projects on the go so need to concentrate on a couple of them so that they are completed.  Maybe it's time to get off the computer and work on something for a little while.

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