Saturday, January 8, 2011

Stash colours

Last night I decided that I wanted to knit a couple of sweaters for little girls so checked my inventory of yarn colours that I have.  Yes, I have a list of all the yarn that I own and it is rather large and my goal is to decrease it some this calendar year.

What I noticed was I really don't buy yarns that are good colours for little girls.  Most of my stash are various shades of, gray, blue, and some greens.  I seem to buy a lot of the quieter colours than bright ones.  If I do have some bright colours its normally just a 50 or 100 gram ball so not enough for a sweater.

The good thing is I noticed that Michaels have yarn on sale this week so maybe I should venture out and get some brighter colours of yarn.  The worst part of buying more yarn is my husband is going to tease me about it. (Just a minute isn't he the one that is driving me to the store so I can get it.)

Now I need to get my coupons ready and an idea of the colours that I want to look for and hopefully I won't come back with the normal colours.  What colours are in your stash, maybe time to look and see what colours you buy.

Better run before he leaves without me.

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Nora said...

Lots of variegated, and one container each of green, red, blue and yellow, but five with the variegated ones. lol I'm thrilled that a Hobby Lobby store will be near Michaels and AC Moore in another month. Black and browns I don't have and I'm going to have to buy some grey this coming week for a poncho for my DH.