Sunday, January 23, 2011

Finally finished

Today I decided that before I started anything else like my socks I was going to try and finish a couple of projects.  The main project was a little boy's sweater that I have been working on for a while.  I had finished knitting it but it was just sitting there needing to be sewn together.

Infant's pullover - Debbie Macomber
I am really happy with how this sweater turned out as I had never knit sleeves from the top down until this sweater.  This sweater was quick to knit up so now I am going to work on a little girl's version of this sweater with the yarn that I bought a couple of weeks ago.

Besides finished this sweater I finished a couple of the curly scarves that I like making as they just needed ends sewn in.  Now I think I am going to work on a new project but not sure if it's going to be cross-stitch or knitting yet.

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