Monday, July 4, 2016

Week of some crafting

All of June hats
 This last week gave me a little bit of time where crafting in the evening was possible.  It was nice being able to have a little bit of down down where crafting was actually possible.

The main part of the week was me working on a few baby hats and getting all the ends sewn in on all the hats that I had made in June. I had kept all the hats that I made in June in one box as I was interested to see how many hats were actually completed in the one month. 

Santa hat
The pictures with the file of hats is the results of the crocheting that I was able to get done in June.  The pile is of 38 baby hats that were completed during the month.  Two of the hats in this pile are Santa hats as they also need to get finished so that they can be delivered to the hospital so that they are there for Christmas.  These hats could also be used for Canada Day so I am going to be leaving it up to the hospital to use them when they see fit.

Konecny logo - June 8th
I have now started to fill up the box once again to see if I can get 32 hats done in July.  Of course, there are only 31 days in July but I would like to see if I can actually reach a total that I have been trying to do and that is 335 hats between September 1st and July 31st.  I am only 32 hats away from that goal so that is where the 32 comes from for this month.

Konecny logo - July 3rd
Having a three day weekend also meant that I was able to find a little bit of time to sit and cross-stitch.  I haven't had much of a chance to work on this design for a while so figured it would be good to even spend a little bit of time working on it and that is what I did yesterday afternoon.  This is one project that works well sitting outside as I am not just filling in some of the areas so I don't need the pattern when I am working on it.

I am hoping that within the next couple of weeks that I will be able to get the Konecny Consulting logo finished and that will be another project off the list.  I will see how much time I have for stitching as they weather will also determine what I end up working on in the evenings.  The hot and humid weather makes it very difficult to work on the cross-stitch so that is when the hats are worked on while sitting outside.

The weekend is now over so that means that work needs to get done before I have a chance to sit and craft hopefully this evening.  Hats, baby afghans and cross-stitch are some of the things I would like to do but will see what I actually get done.

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