Tuesday, July 12, 2016

A frustration

Squares and yarn
I have previously  posted that I wanted to finish off an afghan that I was going to be working on this month and I figured I would have something a little different to show by the end of the month.  Well what I didn't expect after starting this afghan was the problem that I discovered last night when joining the first two granny squares together.

The yarn that I was using was Bernat Softee Baby. I figured using the same type of yarn would mean that the weight of the yarn would be the same.  The first square I did was the white square and it worked up really quickly and I figured this would be a project that I could quickly get done.

Yarn and squares
Yesterday I decided to work on the second squares so that I could get it joined and I would feel better about the progress on the afghan.  I sat working on the square as I wanted to get it jointed to the white square.  I noticed that it didn't seem quite as big as the white but figured it was just how I was looking at it and I didn't think anything about it.  I guess I should have stopped as soon as I started to join the square together because after joining it I discovered what I didn't want to see.  Even though the green square is the same number of rows and I used the same crochet hook is considerably smaller than the white ball of yarn.

I had another ball of the green yarn but with a different label and it felt like it would be better so I tried it as well.  Both of the green balls of  yarn are a thinner yarn than the white Bernat Softee Baby.

I am pretty frustrated with this because I had been looking forward to working on a baby afghan that was going to be different than the ones that I had making lately.  This was also a project that I could work on a bit at a time but also something that I was enjoying doing.

Now I have two squares finished for two different afghans and no desire to work on two afghans.  I had been looking forward to doing a two colour afghan this month.  I am extremely frustrated with the yarn because the labels have the same description on them but it is when you actually work with them you discover they are not the same.

For now I am going to continue to work on the baby hats and then I will think about what I am going to do with this squares.

Has this happened to you?  If so please let me know how you handled it.

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