Monday, July 11, 2016

Another week and lots of heat

Konecny logo - July 3rd
This last week I decided that even with the heat that we were having that I was going to try and get a little bit of crafting done.

Konecny logo - July 6th
It is difficult to craft when it is hot and humid out but I found a cool spot where I could do some work on the various projects and that is what I did.  One of the projects that I really wanted to see finished was the Konecny Consulting Logo that I started in April. I didn't think it would take too long to finish it if I could focus on it and not bounce between it and all the other cross-stitch that I want to do.

This past week I sat for a couple of evenings and finally got the piece finished.  It makes me very happy to be able to say that this piece is done and all I need to do now is stretch and frame it.  I am looking forward to hanging this up so that we have something with our company logo on other than our business cards and shirts.
July hats

Besides working on the cross-stitch I did continue to work on making some baby hats. I was able to get a few more done and now just need to sew some ends in before they go into the box for July. I love making these hats as they are something that really don't take a long time to do and I am work on them while sitting outside when it is hot out.

This week of course there are a lot of things on my plate that need my attention so I am going to see what I can get accomplished.  The forecast is once again for another week of heat and humidity so that will impact the amount of energy that I have for crafting but will see how it goes.

Now I need to look at the pile of work that needs my attention and then will see what I can get done this evening if it isn't too hot out.

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