Monday, June 27, 2016

Another slow week

Baby afghan - no change
This past week was another one of those weeks where crafting kind of took the backseat to all the other things that were on my plate.

Work was busy but most evenings I did find time to do things but I am not really sure what I lose myself in most evenings.  I know that just relaxing was part of the schedule last week as we both needed some time to sit and relax and enjoy being out on the balcony one evening.

I am still working on making hats for this month and will be taking a picture of all the hats that were completed in June at the end of the month.  The pile continues to grow and that makes me very happy.
A start to some fun hats

Of course as I have been working on the various baby hats for the hospital I thought it might be time to start on some special hats. These red hats are only partly done because I still need to add the white rows to the bottom of them so they will be Santa hats.  Yes, I know it is only June but considering there need to be dropped off early I need to make sure the hats are done in it.  I actually started working on these hats on June 24th so 6 months before Christmas eve. 

I am also going to try and crochet a few Halloween hats or at least bright orange hats so that they are also done early.  Hopefully some of these fun hats will be in the picture at the end of the month.  A lot of my crocheting time is going to depend on the heat as when it is too hot and humid out I just don't feel like doing much of anything.

Until later today I am now going to go and get some work done and then will see which yarn gets my attention this evening if I can find a cool enough spot where I can sit and crochet for even an hour.

This coming weekend is a holiday here in Canada on Friday and then in the States it is Monday.  Have a safe weekend no matter which one you celebrate and I will see what crafting I am get done this week.

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