Monday, June 20, 2016

Weeks going by too quickly

Baby afghan just started
I am not sure where last week really went but I do know that I was able to find a little bit of time to sit and craft which made me happy.

The pile of baby hats is continuing to grow and that is making me very happy.  I am trying to see if I will be able to crochet at least 30 hats this month and am getting closer to that goal now. I think I have around 20 hats completed now for this month so if I can continue crocheting even a little bit each evening I should be able to get the rest of the hats done before the end of the month.

Cookies and Cream - The ball of yarn for the baby afghan
The other project that just got started yesterday was a baby afghan using a different type of yarn that I have never used before.  This yarn got my attention a couple of weeks ago and of course after seeing it on sale I decided to pick up one ball of it.  The ball of yarn that I first picked up was Cotton Candy as it is for an afghan that I want to work on this summer.  The Cookies and Cream ball of yarn was bought this weekend when I had a 40% off coupon at Michaels so picked this one up so that I could start making an afghan right away with the yarn to see what it looks like.

Cotton Candy - Another ball of yarn ready for afghan
The balls of yarn are 284 grams and it says it is enough to make a baby afghan so I decided to try the v-stitch pattern that I normally do.  The pattern on the label is for a large granny square afghan so I may end up using the second ball of yarn for that but will see how I like this first afghan.

With the weather being as hot as it has been trying to sit and crochet has been a bit of a challenge at home but with sitting on our balcony I have been able to get a bit done as we normally have a bit of a breeze outside.

This week I am hoping to be able to get a few more baby hats completed and then I will see how much more I can get accomplished on the baby afghan.  I am making this afghan a little smaller as I am not sure how this yarn will work up.  After this afghan is finished I will be able to determine if I can make the next one a little wider or if I will stick to the afghan being around 18 inches wide.

It is now time to try and get some work done before it gets too hot out.  Stay cool and I will see what crafting I accomplish this week.

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