Monday, May 2, 2016

Slow week

Art Show - April 29 - May 1st
This last week wasn't a week to get a lot of stitching in as I had another project on the go.

The project that I was working on was finishing up all the framing for the Art Show that I was participating in this past weekend. It was great having this many in the show this year as last year I had two pieces.

Throughout the Art Show I heard a lot of really nice comments which made me feel good.  All the hard work of getting all of these pieces done paid off.   One piece also found a new home and that as Growf which I finished earlier in April.

Blackwork Dragon - April 28th
Once I got all the pieces ready for the show I was able to sit down and start another project.  This is Blackwork Dragon by Jennifer Aikman-Smith and it goes along with the Blackwork Knight and Blackwork Princess that I have done.  I didn't get a lot of time to stitch as this was actually started on Thursday.  I took it with me for the weekend to see if I could find some stitching time but it came home with maybe two stitches done on it.

Now that all the pieces are framed and I have finished the Art Show I am going to try and focus on getting a couple of the other pieces finished that I have on the go.  The Konecny Consulting logo will probably get some attention soon as well as Bluenose Dime.  I would like to get both of these pieces completed so I am thinking that is what I am going to be focusing on for a while.

It is now time to get some work done as it is the first working day of the month so it means it is time to sit and get all the invoices out to the clients.

Tonight I hope to find a little bit of time to craft as between work and getting all the pieces framed I haven't done much for the last couple of weeks. 

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