Monday, May 9, 2016

Found some time

Konecny logo - April 21st
 Now after a couple of crazy weeks of trying to get things ready for the Art Show and also a busy week schedule I was able to find a little bit of stitching time this week.

With some juggling and making sure that I was able to get work done during the day I found some time where I could stitch some evenings.  The first project that got the attention was the logo for our business.  I wanted to see how much stitching I could get done on it this week and I was able to get all the name outlined so now I am just filling in the areas which is nice. 
Konecny logo - May 5th

The logo is now one colour so that means it works up pretty quickly as I don't need to figure out when the colour changes or any of that.  Also now that I am just filling in areas I don't even need to look at the pattern so that makes it even quicker to do. I am not sure when this project will be done but I would like to ensure it is done before the end of May.  This week I am looking forward to seeing if I can get a bit more stitching done on this piece. 
Monarch Butterfly - May 8th

Of course, considering all the pieces that I finished lately I figured it was time to have just one more start. The start is a pattern that I am designing so it is going to take a bit of time as I am changing colours as I stitch.  This pattern is based on a photo of a Monarch Butterfly.

This project was started Friday evening after it was all kitted and I got a bit of time then as well as a little bit of stitching time on Sunday. 

It makes me happy to see that I have been able to get some stitching done.  The stitching is done in the evenings when the work has been completed and a lot of evenings this means there if I get stitching time I am normally sitting down for around an hour of it before going to bed. 

This week I am not sure how much stitching I am going to find but I hope to be able to get some done.  I do have stitch night this week so that does mean that I have one evening where I normally can get quite a bit of stitching done so will see if that happens this week. 

Now it's time to get the work done that is on the agenda for today and then I will see if there is any time left for stitching later in the evening.

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