Monday, June 1, 2015

Princess Sofia more progress

Princess Sofia - May 24th
This past week I have had one major focus and that was to work on Princess Sofia and see how much of it I could actually get accomplished.
Princess Sofia - May 31st

Princess Sofia with the embellishments
I have been very lucky and have a week where I could stitch most evenings and that has meant I was able to get quite a bit of stitching in.  Of course it also meant that everything else that I want to work on has been sitting and waiting.

Over the weekend I was able to make a bit more of a dent in her and now I am able to show the work I had done through yesterday.  Yes the basic stitching is now down on Princess Sofia other than her tiara and there is a reason it wasn't done.  The tiara is the start of me adding the little extras onto the design. 

Now as you can see there are beads and some metallic thread to add to her and of course the tiara is going to be the silver metallic thread.  The beads are going to be added in various spots on the design and you will see where they go once the design have been finished.

I am so happy with how she is turning out now.  Of course through the design and especially while stitching her face I had a few issues so that took a bit longer than I had hoped.  Her face or at least part of it was stitch and un-stitched three times so glad that it is now done.

What is left to do on Princess Sofia is add the metallic, beads and then frame the piece.  I hope to have all of this done within the week so that the little girl can receive this by her first birthday.  I am happy that I was able to get this piece done as quickly as I did because the original estimate I made for getting it completed was the end of June.

Princess Sofia has been a joy to work on and now to see which project that I will start next. I do have a pretty good idea which one will get done next but that will have to wait until this one is done.

Today, I need to get work done so that is my focus for now but once all that is done I am going to work on getting Princess Sofia done.  I hope to be able to post a blog later this week with the completed piece but until then you will just have to wait.

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