Monday, June 22, 2015

Where did the week go?

Erasmus - June 14th
To sum up my last week I can actually ask "Where did the week go?"  I was pretty busy with work so I didn't get the time to sit and stitch that I had been hoping for.

The good news is I was able to find some time to make a bit of progress on Erasmus so that is the good thing.  I actually got the left side completed so now I am going to see if I can finish the right side and the lower section this week.

I haven't even looked at the other two pieces because I just didn't have the time or energy to work on them.  Now that things are a little more under control I hope that I can find some evenings this week where I can sit and stitch.

Erasmus - June 21st
I am glad that I had areas where I just had to fill in because that meant when I had a few minutes some nights I could put a few stitches in without worrying about looking for the pattern or counting stitches.

One of the things that did take some of my time and energy was a move that we did on the 12th of June.  The move involved moving down a hall from where our Executive Office was.  We decided that it was time to actually move to an office that was a bit bigger and easier for the two of us to work in at the same time.

Office  and view
The move itself went very smoothly because it wasn't very far and we carried everything down the hall to the new office.  What took the time and my energy was actually getting the area organized and into a method that would work for the two of us.

I am loving the new office as it now means that I can look outside when I am working.  I am one of those that likes seeing outside and our old office was an inside office so no windows at all.

The office is starting to help me focus on the work during the day and then now maybe I will start to have the evenings for stitching. 

I better get some work done so that I can do the stitching that I want to do this evening.

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