Monday, April 2, 2012

Real life got in the way

So to explain the lack of posting in the last few days I can say "Life got in the way".  Well more to the fact an injury has got in my way and I am frustrated.

I have to admit that I am one of those people that can't sit and do nothing but that is what I have had to do for the last little while.  To make a long story short I injured by left thumb (yes I am a lefty) and now have to wear a brace on it for the next 6 weeks (24 hours a day).  After wearing it continually for the 6 weeks, I then start physio to try and get the movement back and have to wear the brace at night and while doing any activity for another 6 weeks.  Now before you can say it's only 12 weeks it isn't because after all of that I have another 6 weeks of wearing the brace doing any activity.  Yes 18 weeks of having to wear a brace that restricts my movement and my crafting.  What I did was pull the ligament from the bone so my thumb doesn't want to stay straight so now we are teaching it to like being straight.  Oh, besides all of this I was warned that if I bend my thumb at all in the next 6 weeks, I have to start all over in the 6 week count.  Yes, I will behave myself and wear the brace as much as needed.

I am still trying my best to at least cross stitch a little bit each  night so progress on any project is going to be extremely slow.   The other challenge is with the brace on I can't seem to manage doing any cross stitch on linen or evenweave so have had to revert to Aida cloth for the next while.  Yes I am extremely frustrated but know that it could have been worse so I guess I shouldn't complain too much.

So in the next few days I hope to start working on a couple of pieces that I will be working on while I attend the Gitta's getaway in just under 2 weeks. 

Time will tell how much stitching I can actually accomplish in the next few weeks.  The threading of the needle and cutting the threads seem to be the biggest challenge I am currently facing.


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Silverlotus said...

Ack! That is awful. I hope your recovery goes more swiftly than expected.