Friday, April 13, 2012

Progress before the weekend

Bargello Basics - Teresa Wentzler
So here are all of my current projects and where they stand before this weekend when I basically hide and stitch as much as I can.

The Basic Bargello is getting there and I do want to have it finished by the end of this weekend so that is going to be the project that I concentrate on first.  I figure if I can work on it for a few hours it will be finished and then I will be able to work on my next project.

Someone Was Here - David Ellison
Someone Was Here is a lot of fun to work on as you can see the Inukshuk appear as I work on it.  Also I started in the middle of the pattern so that it was a little easier for me as well.   I am not sure how much of this one I will get done but it is going with me as well.
After I work on this project I have a third project started and will see if it actually gets any stitches done on it this weekend.  Yes I am working on a christmas design already but it is a simple pattern so something that I can work on and see results quickly.  Also considering the brace it means that I don't have to rethread my needle a lot of times due to colour changes.

Red Mitten Collection II - JBW Designs
So now to see what each of these look like at the end of the weekend and see what else got started.  I am pretty sure at least one more project will get started but will see.  Now to spend some time stitching and relaxing and seeing friends.

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