Monday, March 26, 2012

Progress This Past Week

There is no picture today for the simple reason I didn't make any noticeable progress on any of my projects this past week.  There has been a lot of other things that have been taking my time so crafting hasn't been something I have been able to concentrate on.

Part of me has been dealing with an issue with an online group that I belong to and actually am the owner of it.  I have been fighting with the decision to close the group or not and then finally on Friday I decided that considering it is turning into a ghost town with no posts it was time to close it.  I posted a notice on the group on Friday and will be closing down the group this coming Saturday.  I am feeling a lot better now that I have made the decision even if it means a few people will be upset.  The funniest thing is I think the people that are going to be upset are the ones that haven`t been posting to the group with the reason they belong to too many groups.  Belonging to various online groups does mean a little effort on your own part because you need to ensure that you are not just a reading but also a contributor to the various groups.

I have also been trying to get a bit more writing done in the last little while but have to admit that lots of little ideas have come about but nothing has actually made it into a piece of completed work.  The writing is something that I want to focus on for a bit so that I can actually see some ideas get past the idea stage.  I also have a few items for our website that need to be reviewed so think that part of this week is going to be working on them and maybe even getting them onto our corporate website.

Writing is a hobby for me as well as part of my professional life so it`s an escape from some of the other things that demand my time.

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