Thursday, April 19, 2012

Weekend of stitching

Basic Bargello - Teresa Wentzler
So finally I am going to show you what I accomplished last weekend at the Gitta's Getaway.  It was a lot of fun and have to admit that I was sorry to see it end.

I am very happy to say that I had a happy dance on Saturday evening when I finished the Basic Bargello that I took with me.  It was nice to see it finished but I am also sad to see the end of it.  The biggest reason I was sad was because it was something very easy for me to work on considering I am dealing with the splint on my left thumb.

Someone was here - David Ellison

After I put the last stitch in Basic Bargello I picked up Someone was Here and started to concentrate on it and again made some good progress on it.  I haven't finished the Inukshuk but wanted to add a different colour so that I  have a bit of a change.  Also there is lots of blue in the background so figured I also didn't want to leave all the blue until the very end otherwise I may never finished it.

Red Mitten - JBW Designs

The third project that I took with me didn't even get one stitch put in it because I was working on the other projects all weekend.   Oh I did work on one other project and forgot to take a picture of it and that was a Stumpwork class that we had on Friday evening.  I didn't get much done on it as I found it very challenging to do with the splint so that is a project that I will work on once I can do things again without the splint.

The weekend did include a Marketplace and that is another reason I didn't get as much stitching done.  I of course had to shop and see what all the designers had to offer.  I could have bought more stuff that I did but I realize I only have so much time to stitch.

The entire weekend was great and it was wonderful seeing everyone that attended the getaway.  Some people we only see on this weekend while others we see in the store from time to time.

I hope to get some stitching done on these pieces soon as they have been calling to me but other things have needed to be done.  Time to sit back and figure out what needs to get done and then also find some time to stitch.

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