Thursday, March 15, 2012

Progress This Week

Treasure Them No...Or Eat Them
I have picked up my cross-stitch this week and have made some progress on it.  Some of this work was done when I wanted quick breaks from work and some was done at Stitch Night at Gitta's last night.

I hope that this weekend I am going to be able to make some more progress on this dragon.  There is lots and lots of back-stitch on this piece so I have decided that I am going to try and get some of it done instead of leaving it all to the end. 

The picture isn't as clear as I had hope but lighting wasn't the best when I took this picture.  I hope to get a better picture this weekend after I so some more of it.

Besides working on this piece I am also working on another piece of socks so hope to work on them some as well.

Work calls so need to get that done first then I can craft.

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