Thursday, March 22, 2012

Escaping for a day

Me taking lots of pictures
Yesterday with the weather being as nice as it has been +22C in March we decided that it was a day to get out of the office and home and enjoy some of this weather.

Our day was sent at the Toronto Zoo and it was a lot of fun as it wasn't too busy but they did have a couple of new animals on display.  The first was a 5 month old polar bear, born at the zoo and the other was a 2 month old penguin also born at the zoo.

Now I have to admit that I love polar bears so you can image where I spent some of my day.  Of course I did walk around some of the rest of the zoo but had to make sure that I got lots and lots of pictures of the polar bears.  We were lucky and arrived near the polar bears just before feeding time so that meant I was able to get some pictures of the three adult polar bears getting fed.  The best part of catching the feeding was we were also lucky to see them feed the baby polar bear that is in a different area than the adult bears.

Baby polar bear looking for his lunch
 The picture of the little bear running is when he was let back into his area after the staff member put some food out for him.  He came running out of his little holding area to quickly find and eat all the food that was put out for him.  He was so cute and full of energy.

After watching him for a while we decided to walk around some of the zoo and see some of the other animals, like the elephants, impalas, gorillas and the penguins.

Baby polar bear
Before we were going to leave the zoo for the day I had to go back one more time to see what was going on with the polar bears.  When we arrived the baby was playing with some bottles and pipes on a rope.  While we were away from that area he was also given some ice blocks as a way to cool off.  After playing with the bottles for a while he went over and played with the ice blocks and that is where two of these pictures were taken.  He was having a lot of fun licking and trying to chew the ice blocks.

This trip to the zoo has really got me wanting to start a new cross-stitch kit that my DH bought for me a couple of months ago.  This kit as you can guess is of polar bears so it is going to be started as it is the project that I want to be working on while I am at Gitta's Getaway which is coming up on April 13th. 

This cute little polar bear probably won't be as small when I see him again but it was a great day to escape and enjoy seeing him.

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