Saturday, March 10, 2012

Finished something for me

Tube Socks
Here it is the beginning of the weekend and I already have accomplished something.  I finished the second sock that I was working on this week and am now wearing my first completed pair of tube socks.

I decided that the only way to see how they really fit and what they feel like was to put them on so here is proof that there really are two socks done.  I have never used self-patterning yarn before so it was an interesting challenge trying to make sure both socks looked basically the same but they do. 

As I was finishing the second sock I was quickly trying to figure out where I had put some of the sock yarn I purchased in the past.  So the second sock was barely off the needles and another pair of socks have been started.  I am not sure how long these are going to take me as I do have other things that need my attention so this pair may take a bit longer for me to knit.  The first sock took me just over a week to knit and the second sock was only four days so we will see how this next pair works.

I do have a couple of other projects that I need to work on so I think the socks are going to be something I work on from time to time instead of them being the main project that I work on.  Now off to try and get a couple of other things done so that I can spend a bit of this weekend curled up with one of my craft projects.

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