Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Remembering to take time for yourself

Three Butterflies by Calico Crossroads
The subject line of this post really does sum up what I am currently feeling.  Remembering to take time for myself is sometimes rather difficult. 

I am finding that right now between work stuff and trying to study for an exam on Feb 3rd I am forgetting that I need to take sometime for me and just relax.  I will admit that I am a little more stressed than normal right now so think it's time that I lose myself in a craft for an evening that is for me.  Tonight I am going to work on a cross-stitch that I haven't worked on for a while.  This is called Three Butterflies by Calico Crossroads and I am working on each butterfly on separate linen so that I can frame them separately.

Now to see how much of the background I can get done in one evening as I want to be able to get this one finished soon.  Yes this is another one of the pieces that is a goal for this year.  Now off to do some work and then study so I can take the evening off and stitch.

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