Monday, January 9, 2012

2012 is really here

OK, I said last week I would post my goals for this year in a couple of days.  I had planned on doing it but I was talking a Project Management Boot Camp last week and by the time I got home each day I was exhausted. 

Here are my 2012 goals
1.  Get yarn stash below 300 pounds
2.  Complete 225 items
3.  Make 4 things for myself
4.  Finish cross-stitch - Ink Circle
5.  Finish cross-stitch - Butterfly
6.  Finish one page of Mystic stitch petit point
7.  Achieve my CAPM
8.  Spend 10 hours a month drawing
9.  Blog four times each month
10.  Use 20,000 grams of yarn

Yes I know that it looks like I am a little crazy with some of my goals but I have decided that this year I am going to take a bit more time for myself and make sure I am happy.

For goal #10, I am going to keep a total on my blog so that I can see how I am doing as well as everyone else can see.

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Silverlotus said...

Sounds like great goals to me! I look forward to cheering you on.