Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Organizing my cross-stitch patterns

So on Sunday I decided to take a break from studying for my exam and to try and organize some of my cross-stitch patterns.  I have been reading quite a few blogs and cross-stitchers have been saying that they kit up the various projects that they want to work on so it's ready when they want to start it.  I sure thought this was a good idea so decided that was what I was going to do.

I have to admit that I didn't realize how many cross-stitch projects I have actually started over the years.  Yes a lot of them are from the various Creative Festivals that I have attended but some are starts of other projects as well.  So as of Sunday night I found 53 cross-stitch kitted projects of which 35 are started.  I know that there are more around because I couldn't find some projects that I know I have from 2010 so now to look for them and add them to the list. 

Now to see what I can accomplish this year as I would like to get a few of these projects from started projects to completed items.  I do have a picture of another cross-stitch project that I finished on Sunday morning but will try and post that tomorrow when my camera is close by.

Time to work on some studying now so that I will be able to spend some time this week curled up and cross-stitching.

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