Saturday, March 12, 2011

Patterns 14 & 15

Now that I have finished stitching all 15 patterns for my 15 sided biscornu I can't wait to finally put it together. These two patterns were fun to do and now I have to wait patiently until next weekend before I can start putting it together.
Pattern 14  
Pattern 15

I am going to keep myself busy over the next week as I want to work on my tartan and I have a few other projects that have been calling my name lately. I have wanted to stitch some biscornus so have figured that maybe now I can start working on them as well as working on my second 15 sided biscornu.

Yes I am stitching a lot more than I have in ages and am really enjoying it. I do need to figure out what project I am taking to the getaway to work on. Hopefully one of the projects that is calling my name will be the project that goes with me but I know that I will probably end up taking a couple of projects with me.

This weekend I am enjoying some relaxing time with my husband. My stitching and some crocheting is also close by so that I have things to do. It's so nice taking some time to re-energize yourself and also to think things through which have been pushed to the back of the mind for a while. Even the simple things like taking a relaxing walk has been great this weekend. Right now just sitting and looking out a window and watching the world go by.

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