Sunday, March 27, 2011


Preemie hat
I just looked at the calendar and realized that I have been quiet for a few days and realized why.  I haven't been doing a lot of crafting lately so haven't had much to write about.

I did sit down a couple of nights ago and crocheted a preemie hat.  It wasn't very hard and it was quick to stitch up which was great because sometimes I would like to see some quick results.  Now that this hat is done I have trying to think of what other colours, or themed hats I could make out of this pattern.  I know that I can make these quickly and have lots of yarn that I can use for these.

Besides working on this hat I have looked at my name tag for the getaway and realized that the getaway is next weekend and I haven't finished my name tag yet.  I guess that is something that I need to focus on over the next couple of days so that it is ready.  I will post a picture of my name tag on Friday once I am there.

Time to try and get something done but I do know that tomorrow I am going to work on a cross-stitch that hasn't been worked on for quite a while.

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