Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My biscornu

After stitching on the 15 sided biscornu and also on a bunch of the other biscornus I decided it was time to try one of my own. 

I have worked on my name tags for the Getaway for two years now and always used parts of other patterns to come up with my name tag but for my biscornu I decided to grab some paper and start working on a design that was something that I thought up and not parts of other people's designs.
After some thought and some problems I came up with a design that I thought would work so I sat down to start stitching it.  Now I have come to realize why so many designers want to stitch their own design first before any one else sees it.  I started with a design that I thought would work only to discover that when I started to stitch it there were problems with it.  So after taking out parts of the pattern and rethinking it I came up with the final design that I was happy with. 

So the biscornu that is posted here is what the final results were and now to sit down and rechart it.  I did see a problem after I stitched it all but that will be corrected when I rechart it and hopefully I will restitch it again with a different colour.

Now my challenge is to find some charting software that will let me chart the pattern on lines and not just between lines.

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Anonymous said...

The biscornu is beautiful, Darlene. I'm so proud of you for designing it yourself! You've inspired me ... maybe after the Getaway I'll try one myself!

Just finished my 15 sided biscornu. What a fun project. I'm happy with the finished result and it really wasn't that complicated to do.