Monday, April 29, 2019

A week of progress

Unleash the Butterflies - April 21
It is Monday morning, and before I start my blog, I will let you know that it might be a bit longer than usual as I was able to get some progress on a few projects this past week.

This week instead of working on a couple of projects I was able to make some progress on a few of them

Unleash the Butterflies - April 23
Unleash the Butterflies - I didn't get a lot of progress on this page, but that doesn't bother me as I was able toget a bit more progress on the overall design.  I decided that I was going to try and work on getting to the edge of one of the pages so that I knew where that was and instead of stopping at the edge of the page I continued to work on a bit of the black that was right at the bottom of the pattern.  I like how this piece is coming together and am looking forward to being able to work on it some more over the next couple of weeks.  Besides working on Roses, this might be the project that gets the most attention in May, but I will have to see what I feel like.

The overall project isn't going to be something that gets done quickly, but at least if I can continue to get a few stitches in on this piece each week, I will be happy.  If things go well I should be able to get the small page at the bottom completed within the next couple of weeks, but I will have to see how that goes.

Roses - April 21
Roses - I continue to work on this piece a little bit each day, and that is helping me see a bit of progress on the design.  I was able to finish another page on it this week, so now I have completed 13 out of the 57 pages. I still have a long way to go on this piece, but I have been enjoying seeing each of the little sections of the roses and the leaves appear.

Roses - April 28
I have been able to add a few stitches each day in April so far, and I am thinking that I am going to try and add a few stitches each day in May as well so that I can continue to see that the Roses are getting completed.  My overall goal for this piece at the beginning of the year was to get 12 pages completed this year, and I have already done that so now to see if I can get some more pages finished.  I would like to be halfway through this design before the end of the year so will have to see how things go.  I don't think it would be difficult to get that done if I continue to at least get 10 stitches a day in on the pattern.

Hit Any Key - April 8
Hit Any Key - now here is a project that hadn't got any attention since the beginning of April so I figured it was time to pull it out and see if I could at least get a few stitches on it before the end of the month.

Hit Any Key - April 28
The biggest challenge with this piece currently is the amount of white and light colours that are at the bottom of the design.  I was trying to work on it, and the lighting wasn't the best, so I decided to try and work on some of the other colours which were a lot easier to do.  I have been working on a couple of the different sections of the design and am feeling a little better as I am now starting to figure out what some of the areas are.  I know it will take some time to see the overall design but at least I have started to see the book a little better and now to see what I can get to appear before the end of May.

The Stitcher - April 12
 The Stitcher - this past week I decided that it was time to pull this piece out and get it finished.  I didn't have a lot of stitching left to do so I figured picking it up and getting it done was necessary, so in one evening I was able to get the little guy stitched up, and the piece is now finished.

The Stitcher - April 25
I do have one more of this series to complete, and that is The Snipper so I will probably be picking that one up soon as these are nice quick pieces to complete.  Once all three of the pieces are finished, I will figure out how I want to finish them and then I might try and complete the needle book that these pieces are also part of.

Spring Garden - April 26
Spring Garden - this is a scissor fob from a pattern that was released at Nashville Market this spring by the Blackberry Rabbit.  The actual pattern is for a needle book, needle roll and a scissor fob.  I decided that as I wanted another quick finish this week that I would pick up the scissor fob and maybe get it finished.  It didn't take me long to get this piece stitched up, and now I have decided that I am going to make the needle book as well from this pattern in the next while.

Yes, this last week I was able to pick up, and work on a few different projects and I think it is what I needed to do.  I saw a couple of quick finishes as well as some progress on other pieces, so overall it was a good week when it came to my stitching.  I love finding time to sit and work on the things that I love and yes it is a method for me of recharging and also refocusing my mind.

Hope everyone has been able to find the time to do the things that they love to do and will continue to do that.  I now need to go and get the work done that is currently sitting on my desk and then will see if I can get some stitching done later this evening.  Tomorrow morning the Linen and Threads May section should be released so that will be one of the projects for this week and then I will see what else I can work on.,

Have a great week and I will see what gets my attention this week.

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