Monday, March 11, 2019

Some progress on a couple of big projects

Roses - March 3
It's Monday and here it is without a lot of progress on things.   I have decided to try and focus on a couple of projects instead of bouncing between a lot of different things.  I picked two of the large Heaven and Earth Designs as my focus on this week and am happy to have a bit of progress on both of them.

Roses - March 5
Roses - I made a bit of progress on Roses and was able to get another page finish so I now have 5 pages of this pattern completed.  It is so nice to have a project that I can pick up and work on a little bit at a time.  With this project being done in all black it makes it easy to work on as I can just pick up and work on it without having to worry about what colour I need to select.

I hope to be able to continue to work on this piece again later this month as it would be nice to see another page finished but will see how things go.  This project will not be done quickly but at least if I can see bits of progress done I will feel a little better.

Unleash the Butterflies - Feb 27
Unleash the Butterflies -  here is the full coverage Heaven and Earth design that I am working on.  It makes me happy to see some progress on this design.  This design has 14 colours so again something that doesn't take a lot of effort to see a little bit of progress on.  I know that if I can spend some time working on the design it is still going to take me a long time to see this design finished.

I am looking forward to seeing another page finished on this design but I know that it is going to take me some time to do.  I quickly got the first page completed as it was only a small page but this page is going to take a while to get completed as I have just get the top of the page reached in a couple of spots.  Even after getting to the top of this page I still have another 3 pages above this to do as well as three pages across.
Unleash the Butterflies - March 9

I am enjoying working on these projects as they are both something that I can put a few stitches in on and feel good about it.  I hope that this week I can work on at least Unleash for a while and then see what other project gets some attention.

It is another odd week for me with work so will see how things go.  I have things that I need to get done so I better get working on them and hopefully this evening I will have a little bit of time where I can curl up and work on a project. Hope everyone has a good week and can find a bit of time to do the things that you love doing.

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