Monday, December 24, 2018

Another week with some progress

Temperature - December 15
Here it is the start of another week and time to show some of the progress that I have been able to make on my crafting projects in the last week.

Temperature - I am happy to say that I am only three days behind on temperature and if I can spend a bit of time this week stitching on it I will be able to keep it caught up.  I know that the year is almost over and after stitching the 31st on this piece I will still need to put the scale and then add "Toronto" but it is getting closer to being finished.

Temperature - December 21
This last week I have also figured out the colours for the new Temperature piece which I will be starting on January 2nd.  I know that being able to keep up with the piece would be great so next year is going to be a smaller design as well as something that will look different.

Linen and Threads Mystery SAL '18 - Dec 16
Linen and Threads Mystery SAL '18 - This last week I was able to make some progress on the December section of the design and am now over half way through the month.  I know that I am behind on the stitching of this piece but I hope that between now and the next of the month that I will be able to focus on it and get the rest of the section completed.  

Linen and Threads Mystery SAL ' 18 - Dec 23
The overall piece is rather large and it is going to be something to see it all off the scroll bar when I finish this section.  I will then have to figure out how I am going to be finished it as it will be a nice size.

The information for the 2019 SAL was just released this morning so now it is time for me to figure out what fabric and what threads I will be using for it.  He did inform us that the size is going to be a smaller piece next year and it won't be a band sampler so on the 1st of January we will see what it looks like.

Cocker in the Rye - over the last while I have had the desire to start a new piece and just couldn't wait until the 1st of January to start the piece that I have kitted up for the January 1st start so I started something different.  Cocker in the Rye is another Heaven and Earth Design and this one is 2.5 inches by 15 inches so yes a narrow and long design.
Cocker In The Rye - December 23

The first few stitches got added to this piece on the 23rd of December and now to see how quickly it can get finished.  I am aiming this as one of the pieces that I get finished in 2019 so that may help me focus on stitching it instead of bouncing around all over between the different pieces that I seem to work on.

Workday scarf - December 23
Workday Scarf - here is the knitting that I have been working on and I am happy to say that the scarf is actually finished as I finished it last night.

The yarn that I used was Woolike which is a fingering weight yarn that actually has no wool it in but it is great to work with. The yarn is actually 85% acrylic and 15% nylon and it is something that I love working with. 

I had been working on this scarf on and off this month and then last weekend I got to the half way mark which was when the increases stopped and then I wanted to see what it looked like.  The pattern was extremely simple so that meant that being able to pick this up and knit a couple of rows wasn't a problem when I had those few minutes.

I have a bunch more projects that I will be trying to give a bit of attention to over the next week but I will see what I actually get done.  Mystery SAL and Temperature are two of the main projects that I want to move forward this week so will see how everything else goes.

I now have some work to complete this morning so it is time for me to go and get that done before finishing up preparing for Christmas which is tomorrow.  To everyone that celebrates may you have a Very Merry Christmas and for those who don't I hope you have a wonderful week.

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