Monday, January 29, 2018

Productive week - sort of

Linen and Threads Mystery Stitch-A-Long - January 22
This week instead of focusing on one or two pieces I seem to have been getting bits of a lot of different projects done.

Linen and Threads Mystery SAL - this project did get a bit of attention this week as I really wanted to see if I could get the left hand side of the design finished and I was able to do that.
Linen and Threads Mystery Stitch-A-Long - January 28

I don't think I will have the right side of the design done before the end of the month but that doesn't bother me because it means that I will have a finish in early February and that is fine with me.  Also I am looking forward to the end of this month for this piece because the 2nd of the 12 pieces will be released. 

With the Mystery SAL I am still trying to do the two threads a day because that helps move this project along but it also doesn't take much time to complete that much stitching each day.

Temperature - January 28
Temperature - I forgot to post this design last week so now you are going to see it for the first time. It is one design that I decided to do and it does involve a lot of work as it is going to be 365 rows long.  I am currently working on stitching both the high and low temperatures for each day of the year.  

This project is a lot of fun because I don't know what the design will look like when it is finished. I have picked 12 colours for the temperature rangers that I will be using and have colours selected for temperatures below -20 to above +30 and the colours change at each 5 degree increments between there.  it is a lot of fun as I am tracking both the high and low for each day for Toronto.  I have found that I can get this information easily on the weather network so that is where I am getting the temperatures that I am using for this design.

Bluebell - October 25
Bluebell - now this project got a bit of attention one day this past week as I hadn't worked on it since October and wanted to work on something a little different.
Bluebell - January 24

I had planned on working on the top of the design but decided that I wanted to work on the rest of the dress so that is why I have one of the colours worked on.  I still have quite a few more colours to do on the dress but I am happy with the amount I was able to get done in a short period of time that I worked on this piece.

Swan - January 20
Swan - this remains my main focus to get completed but this past week it didn't get as much attention as it had in the past.  I decided that I needed a bit of a break from it as I had been doing this as the main focus since the beginning of January.

Swan - January 23
My plan for this week is to get back to working on the Swan and see how much more of it I can get completed. I am looking forward to seeing when I can get this first Swan finished and the start of the next one will start to appear.  I am still on target to have the piece finished by the end of April and that makes me happy.  I hope that this week to be able to spend a couple of evenings working on it and then maybe a bit next weekend if work schedule allows for that.

I continue to work on different projects as I need the variety otherwise I will end up working on something too long and then get bored of it.  I know that having the variety that I do is what helps me keep the focus that I need when I have a project that I want to get finished.

Work is keeping my busy as well so I am not sure how much stitching time I will get this week but I will continue to try and get a little bit of time each evening.

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