Thursday, January 4, 2018

2017 Goal review and 2018 goals

2017 Goals
1. Blog at least 4 times a month – achieved this with posting weekly
2. Finish Bluenose Dime by Lynne Nicoletti – this project was put on hold as I got frustrated with it
3. Cross-stitch Reflections of Canada – Ink Circles in 2017 – completed in February
4. Stitch from stash for both cross-stitch and knitting/crocheting (see below for explanation) – kept my stitch from stash positive for cross-stitch and didn’t track knitting/crocheting
5. Continue to get craft items more organized and downsized - achieved
6. Finish two of my own designs in 2017 that are already kitted or started – finished two of my own designs in 2017 and will continue to try and do this.

An extra achievement
1. In 2017 I started an ETSY shop to sell grime guards, project envelopes and thread/ort catchers. DLK's Crafts became a shop that was started and I am happy that I have been getting sales on the site.

2018 Goals
1. Blog at least 4 times a month.
2. Finish Swan which is one of my own designs.
3. Stitch from Stash for cross-stitch.
4. Get two of my own designs stitched in 2018 besides Swan.
5. Start my Heaven and Earth Design – Mini Butterfly Kisses
6. Complete two projects that have already been started
7. Continue to work on the ETSY shop and products for it.

I am keeping my crafting goals to a minimum in 2018 as I am not sure how much time I will have to actually work on these projects.

Stitch from stash explained

Stitch from stash is an idea where you give yourself a budget each month for how much you can spend on a craft. You can earn more money by finishing projects but ultimately it is a means of controlling your spending on the crafts you love but you will also see how much stash you really have. This is what I am doing so that I can get my stash better organized and maybe finish some projects that have been started. I have set a $25 a month budget for both cross-stitch and knitting/crocheting. I haven’t figured out how I will earn credits for the knitting/crocheting but will figure that out as I go.

The group I am in for cross-stitch we can earn between $2 and $25 based on the size of the project we finish. A piece 40 x 40 stitches earns you $2 and a piece 160 stitches x 160 stitches or bigger earns you $25.

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