Monday, November 27, 2017

A milestone, some progress and a finish

Lady - November 19th
This week  I was able to get some progress on a couple of projects and that makes me very happy.  Just being able to see that I have been able to get something moved forward is great.

Lady - now as I was saying for the last couple of weeks I really wanted to get Lady finished before the end of the month and I was able to do that. Once I realized that I just had her face to finish I figured it wouldn't take me too long to get her finished and I was right. She is now going to wait to be framed until I have another couple of the art show pieces finished.
Lady - November 22nd

As this is one of the projects that I wanted to complete for the art show it means that I have one less to worry about now and of course I have started another one of the art show pieces so that I can see how quickly I can get it done. I am happy that I was able to get this piece finished and now I am going to see how much of the other art show pieces that I can get accomplished so that they are all ready for the show in July 2018.

Schlock with Gun - Howard Tayler
Schlock with Gun - November 26th
Schlock with Gun - I decided that I was going to restitch a piece that I had in the art show a couple of years ago and that would be Schlock with Gun.  This piece is being restitched because I want both Schlock with Gun and Schlock with Dice to be the same colours for the body of the character. 

This project just got a bit of attention over the weekend and I am happy to see that I am starting to see some progress on it already.

The original piece of art is by Howard Tayler and I am  now going to restitch this piece and see how it turns out this time. I started restitching this project on Saturday of this week and will see how quickly I can get it done.

Lapghan - now here is a project that I started in September while on vacation and it hasn't seen a lot of time since, so now it is time to see if I can get it done before the weather gets too cold and it is needed.  This is a project that I can work on a bit at a time and hopefully I will be able to get it done soon so that it is ready for when it gets really cold out.  I do enjoy crocheting and this is a project that is being made with a lot of love.  The reason it is being made with love is I am making this for my husband as he asked if I could make something to cover his legs when it is cold out. This is just a simple granny square project and it is something that I can do a bit at a time.  I normally work on this project while we are watching something that we have recorded on tv so I love it.

I am aiming to have this lapghan finished by early January but will see if that really happens. I am figured out that I think I need to do around 49 squares so I have 16 squares done now so will see how quickly I can get the rest of them done.

The Milestone - as some of you may not realize and others haven't been reading me that long won't know but my blog is 10 years old on November 27th.  Yes, I have had this blog for 10 years now and am amazed and how much crafting I have been able to show you throughout these years.  My first blog post was November 27, 2007 and here it is 10 years later and I am writing another post.  Of course, the first couple of years were rough for me getting posts actually written but in 2010 I got into writing more posts and things have gone from there.  Blogging is something that I enjoy doing and I hope to be able to continue to do it for years to come.

This past week I was able to find some time to craft and I hope to be able to do that again this week.  I will see how the week goes and see if I can find a bit of time.  I have some other things that need my attention this week so will see what time in the evenings I can find to pick up my crafting.

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