Monday, November 6, 2017

Moving things forward

Lady - October 22
 This week was one of those weeks were I decided to try and focus on a couple of projects to see if I could make some progress on them.

Lady - this was the project that I wanted to see if I could get some good progress on and I think I did this week.  I changed how I was working on this piece to see if I could at least see some more progress quickly on it.

Lady - November 5
I had been working on trying to get small areas of the piece done and this week I decided to try and work on a colour in her hair to see how much stitching I could get done. I got the first colour that I picked up finished and now am working on another colour so will see how things move forward on the piece over the next couple of weeks.

I was going to originally work on her face before working on her hair but I am happy with how this piece is progressing and I think I will leave her face to the last area that I work on.  I am seeing that this project is getting closer to being finished so will see when it is actually finished as my goal is to have it done by the end of November.

Braver - October 28th
Braver - November 1st
Braver - now here is a piece that does work up quickly when you can sit down and actually work on it for a little while.  I sat down one evenings this week and was able to to get the words completed and that felt great.  I have 6 more lines to stitch on this piece so will see how quickly is goes.  I would love to see this piece also finished by the end of November but I will see how things go.

I am going to be using three different shades of the blue on this design and am now at the point where the second colour will be used for the next three rows.  I do like this project as it does work on fairly quickly as it is just the words so I will see how much of it I can get done.

V-stitch Shawl - October 30th
V-stitch shawl - I really haven't had a lot of time to sit and crochet so the shawl has been moving forward slowly.  I know that once I can sit and crochet for a while that I will be able to see some really good progress on the overall piece.  I know that this week I was able to get some stitching in and that is great.  I have been finding that being able to have something simple to work on while I am listening to the various webinars that I do each week is great. The shawl is normally sitting beside my desk and when it is time for the webinar to start I pick up the shawl and work on it during each of the webinars.

V-stitch Shawl - November 5th
I like how quickly I can see some results on the v-stitch pattern because it helps me feel like I am getting somewhere on a pattern.  I know that I want to make this piece a good size so I will see how long it takes me to get it to around the 60 inches that I am thinking I am going to try and make it.

I am now heading into another couple of weeks where I am going to be extremely busy so will see what stitching time I can find.  I know I do try and spend a bit of time most evenings stitching on something because it is how I relax and also how I think through the day and plan for the next day.

This week I hope to be able to make some more progress on Lady and I will see what other project or projects get the attention.  I have a couple that I would like to work on but will see what I feel like when I have the time to actually sit and stitch.

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