Monday, November 13, 2017

Progress this past week

Braver - November 1st
This week was another week of trying to focus on just a couple of projects instead of trying to do a little bit on a bunch of projects.  I am happy seeing the progress that I have been able to make on the ones that got the attention.

Braver - November 11th
Braver - Now this project is the one that is working up nice and quickly and that makes me very happy.  I have just about finished the second set of three rows of words so once this last word is done I will be changing shades again and working on the final three rows of this design.  I am loving how quickly this is working up and am going to look forward to seeing what the third colour looks like when it is added.

Lady - Now Lady is the project that got most of the attention this week and part of that is because I am really looking forward to getting this piece done. I decided that I was going to continue to work on adding a colour at a time to her hair so that is what I did this week and I was able to get her hair completed. 

Lady - November 5th
Now that the hair is done is means that I just have her face to stitch so I started to add the colours to it and hope to find a bit of time in the next week to work on getting some more of her done. I haven't decided if I am going to work down from the top of her face or if I am going to add all the colours other than the background colour and leave the background to the end.  I am bouncing around between the different ideas and I guess I will just see what I feel like when I pick it up again to work on it.
Lady - November 12th

Just seeing the progress on the piece is making me feel good because after the cloak and dress taking so long to do it feels great seeing that the hair and face are coming a long a lot quicker.
V-stitch shawl - November 5th

V-stitch shawl - I finally got around to adding a few rows to this shawl this week.  I had it sitting beside me at my desk for most of the week without it seeing any work and then finally I picked it up when I was watching a couple of videos and was able to get a bit more progress done on it. I still have quite a bit more work to do on this piece but at least it is something that I can pick up and work on a bit at a time and get some of it done.
V-stitch shawl - November 12th

This coming week I am not sure how much time I will have to craft as my schedule is a little full but I will see if I can at least find a bit of time over next weekend to add some stitched to the projects that get the attention.  I would love to see that I was able to work on both Braver and Lady this coming week as I would like to get both of these projects done by the end of November.

I still have a bunch of other projects that need some attention but I think just being able to focus on a couple of projects for a bit of time is making me feel a little better and I am seeing that I am getting things moved forward a little quicker than I had been doing in the past.

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