Monday, October 3, 2016

My week was pretty good

Caron Cakes - shawl
This past week I was able to find some time to sit and craft and am happy with the progress that I made. 

My first project that I wanted to see finished was the shawl that I was working on using the caron cakes yarn that I picked up.  During the week I was able to work on it and actually get it finished.  The shawl is just over 72 inches long so I figured it was time to end it.

Caron Cakes - shawl - finished
I do have some more yarn still to go so I am making a narrow scarf with it.  I hope to be able to get the scarf done in the next couple of weeks so that all the yarn has been used up quickly.

I have loved using the yarn as it is so nice and soft and I have had some fun working with it as when I am not really watching the yarn it is a nice surprise when the colour has changed and I am onto a different colour.

Monarch - September 21st
After finishing up the shawl I decided it was time to try and get a bit of cross stitch done. I picked up the Monarch Butterfly design and started to work on it as I figured it would be nice to see some more progress on this design before the end of the month.

Monarch - September 30th
The Monarch Butterfly got one evening worth of work done on it this week so that did make me happy as I was able to see some progress on the outside of the design. This is one of the designs that I am hoping to have finished soon as I am really enjoying how it is turning out. I am going to try and finish at least connecting all the sides of the design so that I will just have the flower and butterfly to finish up.

This weekend we decided that we were going to have a day where we just did some of the things that we have wanted to do and something we haven't done in quite a while. So each of us decided that we were doing to spend one day doing something that wasn't work related to start to recharge our personal batteries.  It felt wonderful having a day like that and yesterday was it.
Salmon Rose - September 7th

My project was to see if I can make some progress on the Salmon Rose that I have been working on. This design was started last year and didn't get any attention for over a year until I pulled it back out at the beginning of September.  Yesterday I enjoyed watching the Blue Jay game and then the preseason hockey game so it gave me some time where I could just sit and stitch. 

Salmon Rose - October 2nd
I am very happy with the progress that I was able to make and am looking forward to seeing how much more of this piece I can get worked on over the next little while. I am how just over half finished the rose and once all the stitching is done I am going to figure out where some of the back stitch needs to go.  That will be after all the other stitching is done and I can sit back and look at the completed piece versus the picture and see where I think some outlining is needed.

Until then I have some work that needs to get done so I am off to do that and will see which evenings I will be able to find some time to craft. Next weekend is a long weekend so that means hopefully I will be able to find some additional time to craft and enjoy the time.

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