Monday, January 25, 2016

Projects are moving forward

Blackwork Knight - Jan 16th
 This week I can actually say that I had a productive week with my crafting and that does make me very happy.

The first project that got my attention was Blackwork Knight as I was looking forward to seeing how quickly I would be able to get it finished.  So after a few attempts this week of sitting down and trying to get it finished, I finally did get it done on the 21st. 

Blackwork Knight - Jan 22st (Finished)
It feels so good seeing that the Knight is finished and now I am onto the next project and trying to see if I can see some progress on it as quickly as I did on the Blackwork Knight.

 The Bluenose Dime is another project that got to see a little bit of attention and that was after finishing Blackwork Knight.  Bluenose is finally got a bit of colour added to it and will see how it goes this week as I would like to get more of it done.

Bluenose Dime - Jan 11th
Yesterday, I decided it was time to start the piece that goes with Blackwork Knight.  Blackwork Princess is also by Jennifer Aikman-Smith and once again is a nice piece to work on when you want to see some quick results.

Bluenose Dime - Jan 22nd
I didn't spend as much time as I would have liked stitching this weekend but at least I was able to see some progress on projects.

This week I am not sure how much time I will find to do stitching but I hope to find a bit of time to make some progress on a project.  Of course, crocheting has been progressing as well but really not a lot to show as even that hasn't been moving along as quickly as I would have liked.

Blackwork Princess - Jan 24th
 I am looking forward to seeing how much time I will find this week to cross-stitch.  Work does come first so that is what I am off to do now.

Hope everyone is managing the weather that we have been having.  We don't have much snow here but there are a lot of other places that are dealing with a lot of it right now.  Be safe and until next time, enjoy some crafting time.

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