Monday, January 11, 2016

Making some progress

Blackwork Knight - Dec 31st
This past week I was able to find a few evenings where I could actually sit and work on a cross-stitch for a little while.

The first project that I worked on was the Blackwork Knight and as it is mostly back stitch it is a project that works up fairly quickly.  Most of the piece works up quickly but now I am adding all the little detail so that is going to take a bit longer to do but the basic design has been stitched which makes me very happy.  I am looking forward to being able to finish off this piece and then start the Blackwork Princess.  These are a lot of fun to stitch and something that I enjoy as you can quickly see detail appear.

Blackwork Knight - Jan 7th
After working on the Knight I decided that on Saturday when I had a little bit of time I would try and make a bit of progress on the Bluenose Dime that I am also working on.  I had been a little disappointed with not getting more done during the first week so had to try and see some progress this week.  I was able to work on getting one of the colours mostly completed which is nice as it does add some detail to the pattern.  Now what I need to do is actually spend a couple more
evenings working on this piece and I might be happier with the progress.

Bluenose Dime - Jan 2nd
The group that is working on the Canadian Themed projects post pictures on Saturday's of our progress so my progress for this week was the first little bit that I did.  At least now I have a bit more process for next Saturday already.  I am hoping that one evening this week I will be able to work on this piece and maybe get a bit more done on it.
Bluenose Dime - Jan 9th

The other project that got a little bit of attention this week was the blue baby afghan that I started a couple of weeks ago.  I was able to sit and work on it one evening and am now half way through the basic part of the afghan.  It feels so nice seeing that I am getting things done again.  Hopefully I will be able to continue getting things done.

This week I have a couple of evenings where I am going to really try and focus on crafting and then I will see what the rest of the week is like.

Of course, all the plans that I have for crafting can quickly change but that is what I hope to do as of right now. I am now off to try and get some work done and then will see what I can accomplish tonight.

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