Monday, February 1, 2016

Moving forward

Blackwork Princess - Jan 24th
This last week was a very focused week of crafting when I had time to sit and work on something.

Blackwork Princess received most of my stitching time as I am looking forward to having this piece finished so that I can frame both the Princess and Knight at the same time. This project is also great because I can see progress on it very quickly and that is nice when you don't have a lot of stitching time.

The other project that I worked on this week was a baby afghan that I discovered that I had started and it just needed some time on it to get it completed.  I don't remember when I started this afghan but after a couple of weeks of working on it a bit at a time I was able to get it finished last night.
Blackwork Princess - Jan 31st

Of course, a rather crazy work schedule last week meant that I really didn't have a lot of time to craft but I was able to find at least an hour some nights to do something and that makes me happy.

Funny Prints Baby Afghan - finished Jan 31st
This week I am not sure what crafting I am going to be doing, as my work schedule is still a little crazy, but time will tell.

I do know that Blackwork Princess is going to be finding time to be worked on, as I am looking forward to getting this piece completed.  I have a lot of other projects that are currently in the WIP pile (Work in process) so they need to get some attention soon.

Besides working on these two projects I do have another project that has just been started so that isn't anything to show for it.  I am working on another project that is from a picture that I took and want to made some progress on it before I take any picture.  It is also a project that is going to be slow moving for a while. 

As for now I have some work to do so that is what I am heading off to do. 

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