Monday, November 2, 2015

Finally seeing a bit of progress

Schlock with Gun - Oct 25th
Finally, I am starting to see progress on a couple of my projects and I am feeling a little better.  Of course whenever I say I am finally seeing progress somethings comes up and I don't get a lot of stitching done.

This past week I was able to continue working on Schlock with Gun so that I could get it done.  Well, I didn't get it done as I still have the gun he is holding to stitch but at least the main part of him is completed.  If I can find some time this week I should be able to make some more progress on it and that would make me happy.

Schlock with Gun - Nov 1st
I am trying to get this piece done by the end of this week or the 8th of November so that means I better find some time to stitch this week otherwise it won't be done by when I want it done.

Besides working on Schlock I decided that I needed a bit of a change from greens and I pulled up the Butterfly that I have been working on.

Butterfly - Oct 14th
Butterfly - Nov 1st
Of course with it being one colour it does make it a little easier because I don't have to make sure I am picking up the correct colour and I can just stitch.  I was able to get some done on the other side of the butterfly but again not as much as I wold have liked to get done last week.

This week I am going to focus on working on Schlock to see if I can get it done but the butterfly may get a little bit of attention when I need a break from all the other colours.  It is always nice having a couple of pieces that I can work on at a time.  It gives me a chance to see the progress that I have been making as I also don't get too tired of one piece.

Now besides working on my cross-stitch I have been continuing to stitch baby hats for a hospital.  It is nice being able to make the hats while I am a passenger in a car.  Some of the hats are done in the car and others are worked on when I have just those few minutes in the evening.  Sometimes I find that while I am waiting for dinner to get ready I will pick up a hat and at least get a couple of rounds crocheted on it.  These are the times when I don't have enough time to sit and do any cross-stitching.  The crocheting is also good at the very end of the evening when the eyes are too tired to focus on finding the holes in the fabric.

Maybe now that baseball is over for another reason I will be able to focus more on the cross-stitch in the evenings.  Baseball is a lot harder to watch and cross-stitch during, especially the playoffs.

It is now time for me to get some work done so that I can spend some of this evening curled up with my stitching.

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