Monday, November 9, 2015

Crafting time

Schlock with Gun - Nov 1st
Crafting for me has been a challenge again and part of that is because of everything else that I have been trying to accomplish.

I did find a little bit of time to sit and work on Schlock and that was Monday evening.  I decided that I wanted to get the gun outlined so I sat and worked on it until the outline with the black was done.  Now I just need to finish filling in his arm and gun and I will be done.

Schlock with Gun - Nov 8th
The original idea was to have the piece finished by the 8th of November but with everything else that I have been doing that deadline had to slide.  I am now just going to work on it and get it finished as quickly as I can so that I can back to work on a couple of the other projects that I would like to see finished.  I have three other projects that I want to finish up quickly as well so that means I am going to have to focus on each of them and get them done.

Besides trying to find time to cross-stitch I have started a baby afghan that I would like to get done before Christmas.  The baby is due at the end of February but I want to ensure that we can give it to the expectant mother before Christmas so she has it in time.

Baby afghan - Nov 8th
The baby afghan is the v-stitch pattern that I have used in the past and I enjoy working on this pattern.  I am able to sit and work on this afghan without having to remember what row I am on as each row is the same and it means that I can watch tv while working on this afghan.

The other nice thing about this afghan is it really doesn't take me too long to make one if I can focus on it for a little while.  I have already finished one ball of yarn and think it is about 15 inches long.  I haven't measured how wide the actual piece is but it will probably be around 34" x 46" by the time I finish it.  No I don't make a baby afghan small because I like it to last for a while.

These are the projects that I was able to work on last week and can see a bit of progress on.  I also worked on making a few more baby hats when I had a little bit of time to stitch.  I am happy to be able to see that I am getting back to stitching now and hopefully soon I will start to see various projects get completed instead of them all sitting at various stages.

Work now needs to be done so that I can hopefully find some time this evening to craft.

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