Monday, July 6, 2015

Yet another crazy week

Erasmus - June 24th
I am really not sure where the last week has gone because I can see from my stitching I haven't been doing a lot of that.

Erasmus - July 1st
I have found a little bit of time to work on a couple of projects and have made a bit of a dent in Erasmus and also Salmon Rose.  I had hoped that on July 1st I would be able to find and do a lot of stitching but that didn't work out as well as I had hoped as things got in the way.

This weekend I had also decided that I was going to spend at least one evening sitting and stitching but that didn't happen either.

Salmon Rose - June 10th
Salmon Rose - July 2nd
Work has been a little busier for me lately so by the time I finish up with the work I don't have the energy or time to actually sit and do the stitching that I want to do.

Schlock with Gun - June 3
One thing I noticed was I hadn't shown off the progress that I made a couple of weeks ago on Schlock with Gun.  Now it isn't a lot of progress but what isn't shown is all the restitching that I had to do because I found an error in it so had to take a lot of the black out and redo it.

Schlock with Gun - June 22
Now this week I am hoping to be able to do a bit of stitching but until the week is over I am not sure how much I am actually going to accomplish.

It's now time for me to try and get some work done so that I feel like I am getting somewhere on all the projects that I have on the go both at work and at home.

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