Monday, July 13, 2015

Finally stitching

Celtic Butterfly - July 5th
This past week I finally found a little bit of time to sit and stitch which was wonderful.

Part of the reason for the stitching as on Wednesday it was stitch night at Gitta's so that meant that I was able to sit and focus on stitching for about three hours which was good.  After going that stitching and seeing some progress on the butterfly it made me want to work on it some more.
Celtic Butterfly - July 8th

The middle picture is where it was after stitch night.  Of course once I got into the mood to stitch I just couldn't seem to think of any other project other than this one. 

Celtic Butterfly - July 12th
Yesterday the weather was pretty warm so instead of trying to stitch sitting in the living room, I grabbed my stitching and took it out onto the balcony where it was a little cooler than sitting in the apartment.  It also meant that I got into the mood to stitch and that is what I did for another three or four hours.  It is nice to see that I am finally making some progress on this piece because it is taking longer than I had hoped.  I think part of the reason it is taking longer is I am stitching the butterfly on 25count evenweave over one stitch.

This week I am hoping to be able to make some more progress on this piece as I am now over half way through the butterfly and am looking forward to seeing what it looks like once it is completed. If it is hot out like the forecast is for at least today I think once I have finished the work that I need to do I will take my stitching and go and sit on the balcony again.

Work is now needing to be done so I am going to focus on that for a while and then will see what I can accomplish this evening.

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