Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Another finish

Celtic butterfly - July 19th
Finally I can say that the Celtic Butterfly is finished as I completed it last night.

I am happy with how it turned out and I cannot wait to start the next one.  I know I have other projects on the go but this design seems to be calling to me very loudly right now. The design was a simple design and maybe that is what I loved about it as it was a quicker to work up design.

Celtic Butterfly - July 21st
Last night I only had a very little bit of stitching left to do and of course as soon as I got home I had to sit down and get it finished.  it felt great being able to see the whole design completed as with it on the q-snap I hadn't seen it all coming together.

Now to try and get some work done today so that maybe this evening I can put the next piece of fabric onto a q-snap and start working on the next butterfly.

I am hoping to wait until the weekend to actually start the next butterfly but will see if that really happens.

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