Friday, May 22, 2015

My little rose

my little rose
It must be at least spring as I have a rose blooming.

Now to explain this picture, this is a small rose bush that I have sitting on my desk in my home office area.  I got this little bush and it was full of blooms that quickly feel off in April.  I have been taking good care of it since then and the results of my attention is this bloom. I am looking forward to see what it looks like fully open but at least it make it this far.

I do love having plants in my office area because it gives me something to take care and see while I am at my desk.  I do have some other plants in the area like a money tree, a couple of african violets and an ivy.  These are things that add a little bit of colour into my office especially when it is dull out.

This rose is sitting on a speaker on my desk so it does get quick a bit of sunlight each day as my window faces north-west. 

Do you have any plants in the area where you spend a lot of your time?  This office area is also one of the areas where I do some of my stitching as well.

A little bit of colour and nature inside is nice.  You never know but this little rose may end up as a pattern.

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