Monday, May 11, 2015

Another week and some progress

Princess Sofia - May 3
This past week I was able to find a couple of evenings for stitching time and am very happy that I did.  I also was able to spend a little bit of the weekend sitting and enjoying some sports and stitching.

Princess Sofia is coming along pretty quickly and I am happy with how it is looking so far.  I know that I still have quite a bit of work ahead of me on this piece but that doesn't matter because at least I am seeing some progress each time I look at it.

This week I am hoping to be able to do some stitching each evening so that I can continue to make progress on this piece.  My evening stitching does depend on the other demands on my time like making sure I have all the work done for clients that needs to be done.

Princess Sofia - May 10
Yesterday while I was stitching I was looking at some of the colours to make sure that they all worked together especially the ones for her arms and face. I did notice that a couple of the colours that I was going to use didn't look as nice as I would like for the arms and face so I got out my collection of threads and figured out what I think are colours that will work a lot better in the face and arms.

Schlock with Gun
Now another note that I wanted to share with you is Schlock with gun is going to be restitching as I wasn't as happy as I would have liked to be with it.  One of the colours just doesn't seem to work so after some thinking about it I have decided on one colour change and now I need to restitch this piece.  I think with this simple change the shadows and such will look a lot better once they are completed.  I know when I was stitching the piece I kept questioning this one colour but never really sat back and looked at it.

So Schlock with gun has been put back into my to be stitched pile and will see when I can get some of it done and the first thing I will be doing is the new colour so make sure that it is going to work better than the bright gold/brown that I used last time.

Now I must get some work done so that this evening I will be able to work on Princess Sofia for a little while.  This week I would like to see some really good progress on her so that means I need to make sure I have that stitching time.

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