Monday, April 20, 2015

Stitching progress

Schlock with gun - April 14th
This last week I have been getting some stitching done and am happy with the progress I have been making.

Schlock with gun has been getting quite a bit of attention as that was the main project that I was working on most of the week.   Considering it doesn't have a lot of colours in the pattern it makes for something that I can work on when I can tired and watching tv.

Schlock with gun - April 19th
Over the last couple of day I decided that I wanted to get the outline of Schlock and his gun completed so that was something that I worked on this weekend.  It also means that it is easier to work on the different colours because I now know where they go.

This project has been a lot of fun to work on because I know that this character looks like so even when I didn't have a lot of him stitched I knew what area I was working on so that made it easy to do.

Princess - April 19th
Now, yesterday I decided that I wanted to work on a project that is going to be a little bit of fun and it will also be a challenge for myself.  The reason I said it is going to be a challenge is there are quite a few colours in it and I have decided to try and add beads and even some metallic threads into it.  I figured that considering I have been working on some designs for a while now why not try something a little bit different.

The piece that I decided to work on is a princess and I will see how it goes because currently I have used two colours on it and you really can't see much of a difference between the two blues.

The other thing about this new project is I am doing it on 22 count aida and most of the models that I have been working on have been on 18 count aida and what a difference.  The 22 count seems to be so much smaller but it is just because over the last few months most of my stitching has been on 18 count.

I have worked on 28 and 25 count even weave quite often but I think it is just because what I have been working on lately the new piece seems so much smaller.

Not sure how much of the princess I am going to get done this week as I would like to complete Schlock before I really get working on the princess  but will see how this week goes.

Time to get some work done so that I can enjoy my evening stitching.

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